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About Us

Cryptoify - About Us

Cryptoify, which started its broadcasting life in November 2021, brings the latest news, analysis, sponsored articles and press releases about Blokchain Technology, Bitcoin and Crypto money industry to its readers.

Our goal: To contribute to the delivery of accurate and proprietary news to all users by sharing all the developments related to the crypto money sector, which is getting bigger day by day, with our readers. 

Our Goals

To be a news site that directs the Crypto Money Industry in the world and delivers the latest news to Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto money enthusiasts.

To ensure that users who reach our site are more conscious. To follow the developments in the world about the Crypto Money Industry, which was formed with Bitcoin in 2009, and to bring it together with our readers.

The latest Bitcoin news. Latest Cryptocurrency news. All about the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency analytics. Bitcoin analytics.

Our Services

  • To follow and publish developments and innovations about blockchain technology.
  • To follow and publish the latest news about all altcoins, especially cryptocurrencies with high market value and market volume such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Review and publish weekly general market analyzes of common cryptocurrencies and some of the standouts.
  • To offer widgets where the current exchange rates of all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, can be followed on our news site, which we are constantly developing.
  • Sponsored News
  • Website advertising work
  • You can contact us about sponsored articles, banner advertisements and anything you want.

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