Ukrainian Police Raid Headquarters of Fraudsters Related to Cryptocurrencies, Victims Between Countries in Europe


Ukrainian Police Raid Headquarters of Fraudsters Related to Cryptocurrencies, Victims Between Countries in Europe

The headquarters of  cryptocurrency  - related scammers has been raided by Ukrainian police, which has taken its toll across Europe.

Crime in the crypto industry is nothing new, as its rapid development attracts cybercriminals, especially fraudsters.

Taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge about crypto, fraudsters will usually promise extraordinary things from crypto by investing through them. And apparently, this is still happening in Europe.

Ukrainian Police Arrest  Cryptocurrency  Fraudsters

According to a Bitcoin News report, officers from the Main Investigation Department of the National Police and the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) have been monitoring a group of  cryptocurrency -related fraudsters.

These scammers run schemes designed to misuse victims' personal information in many countries in the European region.

This fraudulent scheme is like the schemes of fraudsters in general, which offers victims to invest in trading crypto assets, securities and commodities with large and fast returns.

Fraudsters are known to contact potential victims posing as  call centers  and top officials of state banking institutions to steal their credit card data.

What's interesting is, they use sophisticated equipment to disguise their phone numbers to look like official bank numbers. Of course, the victim won't be suspicious if the phone call comes from a number that looks real.

“The fraudsters also set up fake exchange sites and platforms  for the trading process on offer, which promise huge profits,” the Ukrainian police said.

In addition, these fraudsters have a  database  of contacts of foreign nationals, the majority of whom live in European countries , who have been victims of similar acts in the past.

Using  the database  , claiming to be the “  Cryptoccurency Brokers Community, ” the scammers offer victims the opportunity to track down and recover lost crypto.

As a “commission” for the tracking effort, these fraudsters request a transfer of funds in the form of crypto assets and disappear again.

After conducting an in-depth investigation, the Ukrainian police finally found the location of the headquarters of these  cryptocurrency scammers and arrested them.

Under the country 's laws, the fraudsters were found guilty of large-scale and organized fraud, which carries a maximum prison term of 12 years.

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