Massive Mobility in Ripple (XRP): 100 Million Token Transfers!

In Ripple (XRP), which came to the fore with huge transactions in the past days, 100 million tokens were transferred this time! Here are the details!

In Ripple (XRP), which came to the fore with huge transactions in the past days, 100 million tokens were transferred this time! Here are the details!

Cryptoify News - According to Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency whale tracking platform, about 12 hours ago, 
Ripple (XRP) blockchain services provider received 100 million XRP transfers in a single transfer to the wallet labeled “anonymous."

XRP Transfer

According to data from Whale Alert , about 12 hours ago, popular altcoin XRP whales transferred close to 100 million tokens in a single transfer to a wallet that the company anonymously named. XRP whales have transferred close to 300 million tokens in the last two days. The mentioned whales have come to the fore with similarly huge transactions in the past month.

However, on-chain wallet tracker Bithomp suggested that the massive token stack was sent to RL18-VN, an address often used by Ripple to move funds beyond the company. Ripple company has been transferring tokens from this wallet to cryptocurrency exchanges, institutional customers and charities in the past years.

On the other hand, on September 1, one billion XRP was released from blocked funds. However, 700 million tokens were locked again on the same day, and 300 million tokens were reserved for later addition to the circulating supply. It is stated that the 100 million XRP transfer mentioned above is linked to the new tokens being released.

XRP Transfer

290 Million XRP

Along with the news about its 100 million transactions, Whale Alert also detected several large transfers carrying around 290 million XRP. Large amounts of XRP were transferred from Bittrex exchange to Mexico-based Bitso and Bitstamp exchanges. Bitso also operates one of Ripple's liquidity sources based on ODL (liquidity on demand) technology, so it often uses XRP for transactions such as purchases and transfers to other cryptocurrency exchanges. As for the Ripple company itself, it has transferred 30,000,000 XRP tokens to the Bitstamp exchange, which is also one of the ODL platforms The aforementioned RL18-VN wallet was used during the company's token issuance.


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