Breaking News: Binance Unveils Another New Terra LUNA!

Are investors making the same mistake twice? What has Binance announced for Terra? Here are the details.

Breaking News: Binance Unveils Another New Terra LUNA!

These days, the agenda is again Terra, when this project was the latest on the agenda, crypto money investors lost a lot of money. We've seen $40 billion in debris and hundreds of billions of dollars wiped from the market with indirect effects. Celsius, 3AC, Voyager, and others were knocked to the ground by Terra's earthquake. While many investors have begun to forget about the Terra incident, the good news that comes frequently brings it to the agenda again.

Binance Terra Luna Gospel

Today we gave a lot of news about LUNC. This time, Binance has released an announcement for Terra 2.0, the new LUNAAccordingly, the altcoin LUNA, which was delisted from margin trading due to its excessive volatility, will now be available in USDT parity. How will Binance, which will reopen futures, combat the volatility in the LUNA price? We'll see that tomorrow. USDT parity will be activated at 06:00 tomorrow morning.

Breaking News: Binance Unveils Another New Terra LUNA!

LUNA, which found buyers at $2 at noon today, climbed to $6.84 quite quickly. At the time of writing, it finds buyers at $ 6.33. Transaction volume, on the other hand, increased by 1356% and exceeded 4 billion dollars. Considering that Ethereum has a trading volume of $ 20 billion despite the upcoming Merge, LUNA really attracts attention.

Why is LUNA Rising? LUNC Alert

Thanks to LUNC, we hear the name of Terra more and more these days. Then a LUNA whale received EUR 1.5 million worth of LUNA. We cannot say that there is a serious reason behind the recent LUNA rise. It is not reasonable to wait for the good old days, especially considering that many projects in the Terra network are building themselves in alternatives such as Cosmos. LUNA and LUNC didn't lose much from their extreme volatility during the Terra crash. Today, many investors who forget their losses in the bankruptcy process may fall into the same trap again. Especially with the opening of futures tomorrow, high-level investors who want to make money with short or long (they are not wrong considering there is a 4 billion dollar spot volume) can quickly move the price in both directions.

It may be in the interests of LUNA and LUNC holding investors to identify profit points and avoid this risky game. Losing money from the same mistake for the second time can upset you, especially if we take into account past experiences.

I feel the need to make a separate warning about LUNC again. The announced 1.2% tax will be applied only to deposits and withdrawals. Binance exchange also supports it. However, many investors have the "wrong" opinion that this tax will also be "applied" in their buying/selling transactions. Terra and Terra 2.0 networks are not as busy as we thought, and the possibility of serious taxation from money transfer transactions is also low. For this reason, we are likely to see very serious decreases in the next 2 days, especially on the LUNC side. Of course, you are free to act according to your own risk profile and you should take your steps according to your own research and evaluation.

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