Attention! ETH Merge is the New Target of Scammers! Don't Fall into These Traps!

ETH Merge, which has been expected for years and on which great efforts have been made, took place today. However, the hype also mobilized scammers.

Attention! ETH Merge is the New Target of Scammers! Don't Fall into These Traps!

Ethereum Merge, which has been worked on for years, postponed many times due to disruptions, and the cryptocurrency community wondered "when", was successfully realized today in the morning hours. However, this situation also mobilized malicious people and immediate moves were started to be made on the subject.

Attention to Fraudsters!

After the successful implementation of Ethereum Merge, it was seen that various gift shares started to be made while the entire cryptocurrency community, especially the Ethereum team, celebrated this development. For example; Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said, "This is a big moment for the Ethereum ecosystem. Everyone who helped make the merger happen should be very proud today." Under the Twitter post, there were comments that ETH was distributed.

Attention to Fraudsters!

Although it is confusing that the account that made the comments has a blue tick and copied Vitalik Buterin's Twitter name exactly, it is useful to be very careful. Because the account does not really belong to Buterin.

In addition, some malicious people who want to take advantage of Ethereum's growing popularity are also stating that an airdrop is being organized and that they will send 5 ETH in exchange for sending them 0.5 ETH, for example. However, as we have warned many times before, such situations are not real. We advise you to ignore these announcements and never send money.

Ethereum Merge and Buterin Announcements

Ethereum Merge is really important for both ETH and the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The successful realization of the update is of particular importance. However, it is thought that expectations such as that the ETH price will suddenly increase after the Merge and that huge rises will come are unwarranted.

As a matter of fact, Buterin stated in his statements on this subject that there is no possibility of the ETH price suddenly rising with the Merge. In addition, Buterin stated in his statements that the gas fee will not record a big drop instantly, and that these expectations are long-term goals.

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