Good News for These 10 Altcoins: Coinbase and 5 Exchanges List!

While the prices of Bitcoin and altcoins fell, Coinbase and these 5 exchanges made new listing announcements. Accordingly, the exchanges decided to list these 10 altcoin projects. It is possible that prices will rise after the listings and thus we may see some positivity in the bear market.

Coinbase and these 5 exchanges announce new altcoin listings

Coinbase adds these 2 altcoins

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, released an announcement on the evening of August 30. Accordingly, the famous American-based exchange lists two altcoin projects. Includes MXC (MXC) and Aurora (AOA) listed assets. Users will start trading with these cryptocurrencies on Coinbase around 19:00 on August 31.

KuCoin makes these 2 cryptocurrencies accessible to its users

KuCoin has announced 2 new altcoin projects that will be available to users on September 1. These are ThunderCore (TT) and Ravencoin (RVN) respectively. KuCoin users will have the advantage of trading cryptocurrencies using trading pairs TT/USDT and RVN/USDT from September 1st. By price, ThunderCore is down 7.17% in the last 24 hours, while RVN price is down 14.13%.

LBank issues new listing announcements

LBank, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has also released listing announcements. Accordingly, the exchange will open 2 altcoin projects for trading as of September 1. Users will be able to trade with access to BITICA COIN (BDCC) and Gym Network (GYMNET) cryptocurrencies. According to the announcement of the exchange, both BDCC and GYMNET will be open to user transactions starting tomorrow with Tether (USDT) parities.

Coinsbit announces it will list 2 altcoins

Coinsbit, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in the market, will list 2 new altcoins. It is noteworthy that both of these altcoins are memecoins. Accordingly, the exchange will add Canadian Inuit Dog (CADINUTOKEN) and Son of Doge (SOD). Additionally, Users will have the advantage of using this meme token with the Tether (USDT) trading pair from August 31st.

Bitrue adds AGLD

Bitrue was among the crypto exchanges that announced the listing. The global crypto exchange announced that it will list the cryptocurrency called Adventure Gold (AGLD). Accordingly, users will trade crypto on Bitrue with the AGLD/USDT trading pair. In addition, the exchange announced that the new altcoin project will be opened to user access on August 31.

Bitrue adds AGLD

BitMart opens WIN token parity to its users

Finally, BitMart has decided to add the altcoin project WINkLink (WIN) to its structure. Accordingly, the exchange will open the WIN/USDT trading pair to its users on September 1, 2022. Users will be able to start trading cryptocurrencies with this pair starting tomorrow.

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