Crypto trading platform mistakenly sent $10.5M for $100 payment asks 'lucky' woman to pay $27.3 million back

Crypto trading platform mistakenly sent $10.5M for $100 payment

It turns out that crypto trading platform accidentally sent $10.5 million to an Australian woman while repaying $100.

According to the news of The Guardian, the platform played by the famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon was able to realize the mistake made in December, 7 months later. Then the company, which applied to the court, froze the account  of the 'lucky' Thevamanogari Manivel in February.

However, it turned out that Manivel transferred some of the 10.5 million dollars he earned to other accounts, and bought a 4-room house for 1.35 million dollars. The company has not yet succeeded in freezing other accounts to which the lucky person transferred the money. It was stated that Manivel did not respond to emails sent by 

The crypto trading platform is demanding that Manivel pay $27.3 million to the company in addition to selling his house.

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