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Will Biden unleash the wave of regulations in the US?

US President Biden wants to give the starting signal for a broad-based wave of crypto regulations next week. Authorities should then begin to develop drafts for handling digital assets and their own CBDC.

Will Biden unleash the wave of regulations in the US?

  • The US is getting serious about crypto regulation.
  • As yahoo!news reports , President Biden is scheduled to issue an executive order to various authorities in the country next week.
  • The institutions should deal intensively with the topic of cryptocurrencies and develop drafts. A feasibility study on issuing a CBDC should also be on the agenda.
  • So far, there is still a lack of clarity about crypto in the USA, which repeatedly leads to legal disputes - such as between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) .
  • The government has also not yet been able to agree on a clear position in the area of ​​decentralized finance (DeFi). Just a few days ago , the SEC fined crypto lending platform BlockFi $ 100 million. The company had sold securities illegally, it was said to justify.

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