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Cryptocurrencies biggest 'fix candidate'

According to a survey of 500 institutional investors, digital assets are in the 'top candidate' position for a 'big correction move' that may occur next year.

Cryptocurrencies biggest 'fix candidate'

The results of the survey conducted by investment management company Natixis with the participation of 500 institutional investors, including four central banks, 20 wealth funds and more than 150 pension funds, with total assets of $12.3 trillion, have been announced.

Although they expect correction, according to the survey, 28 percent of participating institutions have invested in cryptocurrencies, and three-quarters of them plan to increase their crypto holdings in the next year.

Likewise, 8 percent of all institutions participating in the survey are considering adding more crypto assets to their portfolios.

Four out of 10 institutions surveyed state that they see cryptocurrencies as a legitimate investment tool, but that central banks will have to regulate them sooner or later.

Is the 'bull period' over?

The crypto market, which experienced a strong  'bull period' this year led by Bitcoin, saw its highest levels in history on November 10, especially with the effect of fund news.

However, with the change in risk perception in the markets, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell.

This fluctuation in cryptocurrencies is experienced in an environment where central banks begin to tighten their monetary policy against the upward movement of inflation. The decrease in liquidity that comes with the tightening is expected to affect almost all financial assets.

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