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$200 million crypto hack from hackers

It was stated that the crypto money exchange BitMart was hacked and nearly $200 million worth of assets were stolen.

$200 million crypto hack from hackers

According to Sheldon Xia, Chairman of the Board of BitMart crypto exchange, on his Twitter account, hackers have withdrawn about $ 200 million in cryptocurrencies from crypto wallets.

While the sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market continues, the security issue has been added to the criticism of volatility.

Security firm PeckShield first put the loss at $ 100 million, then doubled the amount, in a post on its Twitter account.

As reported by Theblockcrypto.com, the affected cryptos include stablecoins such as USD Coin, as well as coins like Shiba Inu.


“We have identified a large-scale security breach related to one of our Ethereum and Binance Chain wallets,” Xia said. In another tweet from the BitMart account, the company said that all withdrawals were temporarily suspended and asked for understanding and patience from users.

Xia announced that the damages of the users affected by the incident will be covered by the company. Sheldon Xia stated that withdrawals will be started gradually as of December 7.


Hackers, who stole $610 million from the decentralized crypto money exchange called PollyNetwork, which became one of the biggest crypto hits in history last August, returned the money they stole.

Attacks on crypto exchanges have shaken the confidence of many investors as a safe tool to protect their money.

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