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Cryptocurrency exchange crashed with concerns about new variant; Bitcoin below $55k

Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange continues to lose value with the emergence of the new variant of the coronavirus, omicron. Bitcoin, which lost nearly 8 percent on Friday, fell below $ 55 thousand.

Today, the value loss in Bitcoin, which continues to be priced at $ 54 thousand 300, has approached 2 percent. Ethereum, on the other hand, fluctuates at the level of $ 4,000.

The decline in the crypto currency exchange is effective in that investors abandon their risky assets such as crypto money with the concern of new variants.

It is effective that investors abandon securities and cryptocurrencies, which are seen as risky assets, in such cases, which are thought to adversely affect the economy, such as the new variant.

On the other hand, the drop was also effective in altcoins, trading at $ 0.92, Litecoin at $ 189 and ADA at $ 1.49. SOL is priced at $189 and AVAX at $105.

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