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Bitcoin gives way - price at 60,039 dollars

Bitcoin gives way - price at 60,039 dollars

After the low in May, many cryptocurrencies have long been on the upswing again, including the oldest of them: However, Bitcoin has recently posted a clear decline.

Bitcoin remains highly volatile, but rose again to a new record high of $ 68,744.03  last week  .  Bitcoin was  thus more expensive than ever in its history . Now, however, the oldest cryptocurrency has seen a significant sell-off down to $ 60,039. The price of the oldest cryptocurrency is currently quoted at around 60,500 dollars.

In the past few months, depending on the news, the price quickly collapsed. In July, the price of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency had repeatedly fallen to just under $ 29,000 within a few weeks, but then the countermovement started.

Analysts currently continue to assume that the Bitcoin price will continue to rise over the course of the year. Investing in Bitcoin is still considered risky among investors.

Latest news and news from today about Bitcoin and the current price

November 18, 2021 - Bitcoin drops to $ 60,039

The Bitcoin recorded a clear minus on Tuesday night. The oldest cryptocurrency lost eight percent in a 24-hour comparison and fell back to $ 60,500. Bitcoin is currently at $60064, down −43.30 (0.072%).

The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is also losing over eight percent. Here the price is currently around 4,247 dollars  (as of Nov 17, 23:29 UTC). However, the sale can be observed across the entire crypto market, which, according to data from the analysis company Coimarketcap, appreciated more than thirty seven percent and now has a market capitalization of $ 2.67 trillion.

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